Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mint Chocolate Child's Quilt

Doesn't the colors of this quilt remind you of mint chocolate chip icecream? I don't know how I managed to quilt it without eating some. I love the artwork in the blocks of this quilt. I stitched this quilt with brown thread. I quilted around each of the pictures, trying to follow the outline as closely as possible. The first two borders were quilted with standing loops, and the striped border, I just did straight lines in some of the stripes. The polka-dot border has a cicle loops and the outer border has a flower, leaf combo.


Bubbles said...

I love that fabric - very minty & chocolatey! I like how you quilted around the pictures. Very cute.

Bonny said... about a mint brownie! gads! I really want one now! Maybe that will be my weekend project....wait i have like 80 quilt/craft projects to work on, how could i possibly have time for brownies....ahhh!