Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Farm Landscape

It is official. Blogger hates me. It won't let me upload the full picture of this quilt because it is an unsupported image type which is not true. I saved it as a jpeg. Whatever. I have been trying to finish this post for a week now. I was lucky enough to get to do this cool art quilt. It would look so good behind my kitchen table on my red wall. I did this quilter's very first quilt about two years ago. Now she is designing her own wonderful creations like this one. She uses a variety of techiques such as piecing, applique and embroidery to create her unique designs. I kept the quilting simple, using mostly textural patterns. I wish you could see the whole thing. I have another quilt from this quilter on my waiting list. I can't wait to show it too you soon!

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